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Frequently Asked Questions

I am happy to answer any questions, but please see below for some common questions we receive for quick answers about booking your luxury picnic.

How do I book?

First, you'll fill out the Booking Request form so for us to review. We'll contact you within 24 hours to confirm the details of your booking. Then, you'll receive a contract and an invoice from us for you to review and sign. You must pay 50% of the full amount to confirm your booking. Payment not received at least 1 week from the requested event date may result in forfeit of reservation time. 

Where do you operate?

We mainly serve the DMV metropolitan area, including Washington, D.C., northern Virginia, and the areas of Maryland that are within ~20 miles of D.C. If you request a booking located more than 20 miles out we may need to charge for mileage. 

We have some go to public parks if you do not know where you want to have your picnic or are flexible. Please note that alcohol is not allowed on any county, state, or federal park property. In some cases, we may be able to obtain an alcohol permit for an additional fee.

Neighborhood parks, private residences, and permitted picnic shelters provide the most flexibility. We can make recommendations based on your needs, such as wanting alcohol, tents or canopies, balloons, etc. 

What's the maximum number of people I can have?

At this time, we can accommodate up to 12 individuals (14 if 2 people don't mind sitting on the ends of tables). If you want to book an event larger than that, please email us at and we can discuss further.

I have a specific theme in mind... 

Great! we can work with you to customize any of the packages we offer. When we reach out, just let us know what type of decorations and color schemes you'd like and we can try to work something out!

Do you cater food?

At this time, we do not handle any food products outside of providing a pre-arranged charcuterie board (prepared and packaged only by a licensed food professional or entity). All clients must provide their own food if they want anything else. 

What if it rains on the event day?

We will closely monitor the weather in the days leading up to your picnic. If the event is scheduled for inside, we typically will not reschedule. If the event is outside and it is forecasted to rain, we will reach out to reschedule your booking at least 24 hours in advance. We will not set-up or host picnics while it's raining. We may push the booking earlier or later in the day to avoid the rain, or book for a different day.

Cancellations for a full refund of the 50% deposit can only be made within 48 hours of booking. Otherwise, you can only reschedule your booking to a later day. If there are extenuating circumstances that require a last minute cancellation, please reach out to us at

What is the cancellation policy?

You can only cancel your booking for a full refund of the 50% deposit if the request is made within 48 hours after booking. We prepare for your amazing experience well in advance and may have already invested time and money into your booking. If you can no longer book for the date and time requested, we can reschedule to a later date.

I want to add on something but I don't see it offered.

Reach out to us! There are a number of add-ons we are working on being able to offer very soon. If you have something you need or have an idea, we will do our best to work with that request.

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